Real Life Fusion:
Adam & Sharon

The concept of Filipino and Korean fusion is more than just a restaurant concept. For Adam & Sharon, founders and owners of Barrio BBQ, it is a way of life. Adam was born in Metro Manila, Philippines and is of Filipino descent. Sharon was born in Los Angeles, CA as a daughter of Korean immigrants.  Mealtimes for their families were more than just an opportunity to enjoy delicious food - it was an opportunity to bond with loved ones. Food truly brought their friends and family together, and there is no better time than now to represent that belief while representing each of their unique backgrounds as well.

While there are certainly many differences in Korean and Filipino food, they believe that the similarities that bind them will always prevail. This husband and wife duo are using each of their unique cultures to spread happiness -- one plate at a time.

The Barrio Family

Hospitable. Energetic. Passionate. Thoughtful. Welcoming. These are some of the words that we strive to have our guests use, when describing Barrio’s service. Every interaction with our guests at our window is an opportunity to spread happiness and joy to the world.

In Filipino culture, “Tita” means auntie. “Tita” is someone that is going to make sure you are fed well and leave her house full of love and with a smile. While nothing may ever beat “Tita’s” house, Barrio BBQ is the next best thing.

About Our Food

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